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Swiss Replica Watches For Sale Online

To be honest both myself and my partner are not happy to accept the swiss replica watches 11670 as we have both got our hearts set on the swiss replica watches and have for a while now, and as its for a special occasion we want it even more. What is the option to receive the swiss replica watches we ordered ? As I understand it and according to the tracking service the replica watches sale has already been delivered on the 4th dec 2015 at 1109am. So I assume this replica watches sale has been lost in transit. As you can understand I am reluctant to order or pay for a replica watches sale incase the next one gets lost too and I am out of pocket. I am rather disappointed with your service as it has taken from the 16th of November until now to tell me there is a technical issue with payment.

Its getting to be a joke now, the post has just been today and still no swiss replica watches, this is now 14 working days from my orginal order and 10 working days since you saying you have sent me a new replica watches sale, where is it? I ordered another replica watches sale through a similar website in China and it arrived in 5 working days; yours is double that and still hasnt arrived?! The tracking number you gave me doesnt work and In have also called EPS which cost me several pounds and they dont have anything. I would like an immediate refund, otherwise I'll have no option but to contact trading standards and my local authorities. The swiss replica watches I recently purchased no longer works, if a replacement battery is required this appears to be impossible to replace since the back appears to have been glued, if the replica watches are supposed to be wound or automatic self winding that does not work either. I have tried everything that you have suggested and still the replica watches do not work, they stops after a couple of minutes, as for returning the replica watches for repair the cost of shipping makes the purchase of the swiss replica watches very expensive so I will put it down to a bad experience and purchase other swiss replica watches from another source. But thanks anyway for trying to resolve the problem.